Photo of Erickson Financial's staff in the lobby of the office.

About Erickson Financial

Vaughn Erickson founded an insurance practice in 1977 as a career agent with Lutheran Brotherhood. At his side his wife, Joyce Erickson, supported him from the home front and later joined the practice as the receptionist.

David Erickson joined his father and Lutheran Brotherhood in 1992. In 2002, they joined First Heartland Capital, Inc., and established an independent advisory practice.

Ben Hubler joined the team in 2021 in a supporting role and quickly completed the education to assist David as an associate advisor. Emma Wright joined the team in 2021 as a part-time secretary then took on the role as Office Manager in 2022 to keep aspects of the office running smoothly and efficiently.

With a combined 38 years of experience our firm manages over $200 million in client assets.